Meditating with Tigers

When Tigers enter your Meditation

It’s so funny how our minds work sometimes.  How memories of heartbreak and hurt, that we’ve forgotten about or purposefully bury, resurface when we least expect them. Also how past events  we believe we have worked through, remain inside us, silently, until our soul is ready to release them back to the universe. 

The following was an unexpected gift that I received during a recent Reiju, shared with a fellow practitioner, at the CARE Foundation, in Apopka, Florida, 02/23/2019.   CARE is an exotic animal rescue.  I was there, resitting this Teacher Training with Kathleen Prasad, and her “Let Animals Lead®,” method of Animal Reiki, as I wanted the opportunity to share Reiki with exotic animals.   

It all began as I sat in a chair with my hands in Gassho with the intention that I would be open to receive healing, just as I have many times before. 

As the Reiju started I felt very relaxed and peaceful.  As I relaxed even more into meditation, my mind took me from the room to a beautiful place where I saw myself standing, knee deep, in the middle of a sparkling river.  The water was sparkling like diamonds, as the beautiful rays of warm sunlight hit the surface.  I  remember looking around and on both sides of the river taking notice to the lush, tropical, vividly colored, plants, flowers, and trees.  I felt so happy and warm in this place. It seemed so real.  All of a sudden, 3 tigers came bouncing out of the jungle, into the river,  to be with me.  I didn’t feel afraid.  I felt happy and excited to see them!  Very protective, strong, and loving at the same time.  I knew it was Tyrion, Katrina, and Danarus because I had meditated with them the day before.  They ran right out into the water without hesitation to greet me. They were so beautiful.  I looked at them, smiling, and as each Tiger greeted me, they purred and rubbed their body along the front and back of my legs, while my hand ran down the length of their backs,  just like a house cat would, and when they did this, I received a beautiful “voiceless” message, inside me, from each Tiger.  No sound, but the message was so perfectly clear, I felt it in my heart.  Like a heart-hug.  

Tyrion went first. His message to me was “Strength is knowing who you are. Stand in that truth. Don’t be afraid.  You know who you are and no one can take that from you. Strength  does not have to be combative and loud but soft and coming from a place of love and compassion even when you are hurting.”

Katrina went next.  Her message to me was “Be patient. Things will unfold as they should. Don’t let others perceptions of you, become your own. You are loved.  Be the light for others. Be love, compassion, and kind. You are enough. You are strong. Stand strong in your truth.” 

Danarus went last.  Her message to me, “ Don’t feel sorry for me that I am in a cage. I am fine. We all have our own cages, and yours is fear and worry. Be brave and don’t let others fears and anxieties become your own. You know who you are.”

I don’t know how I knew who said what, I just knew.  I held each of their faces and kissed each of their heads and thanked them for their message to me, and then they ran off back into the jungle.  

When the Reiju ended, I opened my eyes and I had tears streaming down my cheeks.  What the heck did I just experience? Did I fall asleep? Where did I go? How long was this Reiju?  In reality, I knew I was awake for the whole Reiju. I thanked my fellow practitioner, and said “I have to hurry up and write down what I had just experienced before I forget any of it! Then let’s talk……Thank you so much!”  

It’s been several months and I still think about this experience because it felt so powerful! I still feel a strong connection to the Tigers at CARE Foundation, and their beautiful energy. I have always felt, sometimes, people mistake kindness for weakness, and what I believe I experienced, is Tiger energy is there to remind us of our inner strength. I believe that was their message to me.  I am grateful for that experience and for their messages. I am grateful for the time I had with them. I truly believe this was a beautiful heart-to-heart connection they created between us, perhaps on a spiritual plane, in a space, that can only can “be Reiki.” 

Patti Andrasak, Shinpiden Level and Animal Reiki, Teacher and Practitioner.  04-28-2019