Animal Reiki

First, let me just say,  I have always loved animals.  All types of animals.  I have always felt a special connection with them.  I have always had a dog or two, in my life since I was a baby. As a young girl, I also had a rabbit, ducks, fish, seahorses, and a couple of little turtles.  Oh yeah, and I am one of those people who stop for squirrels, groundhogs, opossums, turtles,  and other wild-life to cross the street. After all, it's not their fault we  invade their space, now.   In March, I decided to volunteer a couple of hours a week at the Catskill Animal Sanctuary, to help heal the emotional and physical wounds of the animals with Reiki!  I chose a sanctuary, because I felt, those beautiful, trusting and loving animals had already been betrayed by humans they trusted,  and  I wanted to show  them by example, along with the Sanctuary caretakers and visitors,  that all humans are not hurtful!  I also knew that Reiki could help them heal  too! What an awesome  learning experience it has been for me, to work with different types of animals and Reiki.   I have had such amazing visits every week when I go, and I am learning so much from the animals.  The animals have been great teachers, to me, and healers, as well.  Who would have thought this? I was going there to help them, but instead we've  helped each other.   I have so much to share, with you, about our visits.  

On May 2nd, I enrolled in a five week Animal Reiki Workshop/Certification class , taught by Kathleen Prasad, to further my education with animal Reiki.  I truly love working with the animals as they have taught me so much.  I highly recommend this class. Kathleen has been an amazing teacher.  It's been really great and I have learned so much from it.  She has been teaching animal Reiki since 2004, founded Animal Reiki Source, and SARA (Shelter Animal Reiki Association),and has written several books of which I own three of them.  This is my last week of class! I can't thank Kathleen enough for everything that I have learned from this class. Truly, eye opening!  more to come:  

"Listen to the animals, they will be your teachers!" Kathleen Prasad