Hi, I’m Patti Andrasak, Usui Reiki Master, teacher, professional practitioner, and Animal Reiki Teacher, and Practitioner. I live in Dutchess County, NY with my husband, Mike, and a beautiful French Bulldog, Jasmine Rose.  I am also the proud Mom of 5 adult kids!   Three of our own, and 2 awesome kids by the blessings of my childrens' marriages!  To say the least I feel very lucky and blessed.   

 I have always been interested in a more holistic approach to health and wellness.  I believe nature provides everything we need to heal ourselves.  I also believe there are times when we do need extra help from modern medicine, but I personally always like to heal myself, more holistically, if possible, first.

I received my training from Usui Reiki Master Level teachers. I experienced Reiki sessions in the past and always had a wonderful experience with them, but never really understood how it worked.  So why Reiki, why now?  Recently, I  was working in the Sales Industry.   Even though I liked what I did, it can be very stressful at times.  In addition to the stress at work, I developed some food allergies- mainly wine and wine vinegars.  I would get itchy and then break out in hives after having a sip or two.   Five years ago, while attending a business function, I ordered a mushroom risotto for dinner.  To drink, I just had my usual glass of water with a slice of lemon, with my meal.  After having two bites of my dinner, I experienced a terrible allergic reaction.   My ears closed up and I couldn’t hear anymore.  I didn’t understand what was happening right away until I tried to take a drink of my water and I had trouble swallowing. My heart was racing!   At first I thought I was having a stroke or heart attack.  I was very scared.  I couldn’t even think clearly.  I told my manager that I didn’t feel well and needed to leave.  I didn’t think about asking the waitress if there was any alcohol in my meal, and it turns out the mushrooms were sautéed in white wine! That wasn't listed on the menu.  I had never had a reaction like that before and alcohol was not even listed in the meal description.  That was a very scary event for me and caused me anxiety and stress because I had to eat out a lot with my job, and now had to worry about what are in the foods I eat and if the wait staff really knows! 

I was trying to find a way to relax when I discovered  Reiki classes.  I knew from personal experience that Reiki brings on a feeling of “inner peace” and wellness, so I signed up. Reiki is a meditative practice that facilitates feelings of peace and relaxation.  In the past,  Reiki has also helped me heal from some physical ailments such as backache, knee pain, shoulder pain, migraines, and most recently emotional pain from the loss of a pet, my beautiful Boston Terrier, Romeo.  It has also helped our other dog, Jasmine,  heal from the grief of losing her buddy.  My allergies remain but through Reiki I have gained the ability to be less stressed and to prevent the anxiety of the allergies from ruling my life.  I also noticed how much my dog, and pets of family and friends, also loved Reiki and how much it had helped them relax and heal. I decided to start a Reiki practice of my own so that I could share what I have learned with others.   It is my personal belief as well as the belief of other Reiki practitioners that if everyone in the world could experience Reiki, we would create a peaceful co-existence with the whole world!  As a Reiki Practitioner,  I would like to help you achieve "inner peace,"  for your mind, body, and spirit.